This abandoned dog can’t stop smiling happy since finding the perfect home

This abandoned dog can’t stop smiling happy since finding the perfect home

happiness is often something very difficult to find, but with rescue dogs this seems to have found his destination, shown by its happy smile at new home.

Koby seems to have been abused by his former boss, and then abandoned, but everything changed when Koby is rescued by the Baltimore Bully Crew by, a non-profit center pit bull

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The four-year-old canine was in ‘bad shape’ when he was taken in by the shelter but is now growing in confidence after starting his new life at a foster home.

“We can only assume he wasn’t provided proper care where he was before coming to the shelter,” explained his foster dad Sean Stinchcomb.

The dog lover and his wife, Jade, have been showering Koby with love and affection since they adopted him to “help him realise he will never have to worry about going back to the shelter”.

Koby has been responsive to their love and seemingly can’t stop smiling since finding the perfect home.

“He is a very happy dog and seems to be becoming happier every day. I would like to think he knows he is safe,” Mr Stinchcomb told dog-dedicated website BarkBox.

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On his adorable grin, he added:

“He gives that face whenever he sits down with you. Since he has been getting used to receiving lots of love and food, it seems like he is smiling more often.”

Meanwhile, a dog dubbed the ‘saddest in the world’ found a new home after this heartbreaking photo went viral.

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Meet ‘Fat Vincent’, the obese sausage dog who stunned vets with this amazing transformation.

The rescue dog was taken in by US-based K-9 Angels Rescue when his owner passed away eight months ago and has since lost half his body weight.

His foster mother Melissa Anderson told Fox 31 Denver: “He is the sweetest, funniest, happiest guy now.”